Eco Cloth – Barbecue 2 Pack

The Barbecue cloth is dual sided, one side scrubs away grease and oil while the flat side is great at wiping away loose dirt. Use the Polishing cloth to dry and polish shiny surfaces to a streak free finish.

Size : 32 x 32cm x 2pack

How to use
1. Wet cloth and wring out excess water.
2. Use scrubbing side to loosen stubborn dirt, grease and oil.
3. Use flat side to wipe away loosen dirt, grease and oil.
1. If surface is wet, use dry, if surface is dry wet cloth and wring out excess water.
2. Use rougher side first (side with tag on it) and finish with smoother side for a streak free finish.DO NOT USE EITHER CLOTH TO CLEAN THE GRILL OR HOTPLATE – USE OUR WHITE MAGIC BARBECUE GRILL BRUSHES.

Where to use
– Plastic
– Stainless / Chrome
– Enamel
– Glass