Electric Grill Cleaning Brush

This Electric Grill Brush is designed to clean the delicate non-stick coatings of electric grills while also getting into the grooves where burnt food gets trapped. Specially designed it has grooves that nest between the ribs of your grill. With little force it cleans both the ribs and the channels.

Size : 25cm

How to use
1. For dry mess use the brush dry
2. For greasy mess wet the brush and press out excess water
3. Line up the channels on the brush with the grooves on the grill
4. Move the brush from the top to the bottom drawing the dirt towards you
5. If the grill has a drip tray, push the dirt into that otherwise push dirt into a pile and pick up with a White Magic Eco Cloth
6. When the brush gets dirty, rinse in warm water, or place in a dish washer

TIP. Use the White Magic Eco Cloths to maintain the outside of your Electric Grill. They are great for plastic, stainless steel or enamel.