Microfinger Mop Head

Great for cleaning cars, boats and caravans and around the house you can dust and wash windows.

Why is it so effective
– Effortlessly spin your mop dry
– Chemical free cleaning
– Clean under and around
– More than a mere mop
– Machine washable mop heads

How to use
1. Attaching the Mop Head – Attach to handle by stretching the mop head around the purple dish head.
2. Using the Mop – Use the mop wet to wash cars, boats, caravans or wash windows.
3. Drying the Mop – To dry the mop place in spinner as per instructions provided for the Microfibre Mop Head.
4. Removing the Mop Head – Use your fingers to remove the mop head and hand wash only.

Where to use
– Car
– Boat
– Caravan
– Window