Hand Press Pure Spin Mop


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The World’s No1 Mop has now grown up and it is now STYLISHLY CLEAN

PURE is a limited edition Original & Best Hand Press Spin Mop that combines white with a hint of charcoal to create a mopping system that you are proud to use.

Dyson has proven that using a cleaning tool that not only works, but looks good, makes cleaning enjoyable.

We have also included 2 EXTRA POWER Mop heads in the set so you are armed with the power of next generation microfibre to scrub and clean all your hard floor surfaces.


  • Lightweight & strong 1.35m Handle
  • Pivots 180 degrees & Spins 360 degrees


  • Extra power fibres scrub and absorb mess
  • Machine washable at least 100 times


  • Rotates at 2600 rpm to clean & dry the mop head
  • Removable Spinner for small jobs and easy cleaning


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