Mini Spin Mop

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The World’s Smallest Spin Mop is here.

  • Next generation flat microfibre technology.
  • Revolutionary twin level patented Spin Mop bucket that cleans and dries the mop head.
  • The best mop for cleaning up pet spills and hair.
  • Perfect for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Small and compact – 25% smaller footprint than other Spin Mops.
  • Mop Head washable up to 300 times.


  • Patented Bucket Design – Twin Function – Clean & Dry
  • Clean Function – Bristles remove hair & agitates fibres clean
  • Dry Function – Spins at 2600rpm to dry the mop head


  • Strong and durable handle – 1.46m long


  • Next generation microfibre material that is both super
  • Absorbent and creates static energy to hold dust and hair
  • Rotates 360 Degrees and Pivots 180 Degrees to get into hard to reach places


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