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Dusting Mop Head

With the dusting mop set you can know use the spin mop as a flat mop to collect dust and pet hair off your hard floors. The dusting mop works perfectly dry to attract dust like a magnet with electro-static power. For a quick clean simply attach the dusting mop head and run it over the floor to collect any dry, loose particles. The dusting mop attaches to any White Magic spin mop handles. It comes with a cleaning comb to give the mop head a quick clean between uses. However when it is really dirty simply remove and place in a hot water wash with a little detergent.

Why is it so effective
– Super Soft Fibres attract dusting like a magnet using Electro-Static energy
– Large 32x20cm head can clean quickly Chemical free cleaning
– Clean under and around
– More than a mere mop
– Machine washable mop heads

How to use
1. Attaching the Mop Head – Click the handle together with the mop head using your foot.
2. Using the Mop – Use the mop dry to attract dust like a magnet on any hard floor.
3. Removing the Mop Head – To remove the mop head from the handle step either side of the mop head with the screws of the handle pointing towards your feet. DO NOT STAND ON THE ROUND PURPLE HEAD. Move the handle either left or right towards one of your feet until you hear a click.
4. Washing the Mop Head – For a quick clean use the comb to remove dirt from the fibres. For a full clean remove mop head from the plastic connector and wash in a hot water washing machine. No fabric softner or bleach.

Where to use
– Tiles
– Stone
– Timber / Laminate
– Under & Around