Health and wellness are a multifaceted domain. It’s not just about nutrition, exercise, and regular check-ups; it also involves seemingly mundane routines, such as the way we “go to the bathroom”. Today, we’ll discuss a recent revelation from a leading surgeon, as reported by[1], who claims that we’ve been ‘pooing’ wrong all along. We’ll also introduce a revolutionary product that can seamlessly integrate into our daily routine to rectify this issue—the Vigar 25cm Stool from White Magic[2].

Toilet habits are often seen as a taboo topic, but we can no longer ignore the growing evidence that suggests the influence of our posture during defecation on our overall health. This surgeon’s findings underscore the importance of proper posture for effective bowel movements. They claim that the typical upright sitting position on modern toilets can potentially lead to health issues such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and even colon and pelvic diseases. Instead, they suggest a squatting position, which is more aligned with our evolutionary physiology, to promote optimal bowel health.

The reason behind this lies in our anatomy. In a seated position, the angle between the rectum and the anus is not optimal for a smooth, effortless bowel movement. However, when squatting, this angle straightens, allowing for easier and more complete elimination.

Here’s where the Vigar 25cm Stool from White Magic comes in. This product isn’t just a piece of bathroom furniture; it’s a tool to enhance your health. Designed with both elegance and functionality in mind, this stool assists in adopting the correct posture for defecation without drastically changing your bathroom setup.

Made from with a bamboo look top, it comes in both charcoal and white body. The stool is very robust as it can take weights up to 125kg. Its 25cm height is just right to lift your legs into a comfortable squatting position while using a standard toilet, replicating the natural, healthy posture that our ancestors used. With its sleek design, it adds a modern aesthetic to your bathroom while contributing significantly to your well-being.

source: shutterstock[3]

It is important to note that changes in your body and bowel habits should not be taken lightly. While the Vigar 25cm Stool can facilitate a healthier position, it is essential to consult with healthcare professionals if you experience significant changes or discomfort. It’s also worth mentioning that incorporating this tool into your daily routine can help avoid such issues in the first place.

In conclusion, we must rethink the way we approach daily routines and consider their impact on our overall health. The recent findings only emphasize the importance of this. Using the Vigar 25cm Stool from White Magic can help us achieve the correct posture during defecation, promoting better bowel health. After all, wellness comes not just from major lifestyle changes but also from enhancing the small details in our daily habits.

Optimizing health is a comprehensive process, and we believe in taking every step possible to ensure a healthier life. Consider investing in a Vigar 25cm Stool and take the first step towards improving your wellness one squat at a time!


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