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1 Year’s Supply of Tung Products – Made in USA

1 Year’s Supply of Tung Products – 4 Brushes + 4 Mint Blast Gels

90% of Bad Breath comes from bacteria on the tongue – Clean tongue = Clean breath

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Better than tongue scraper

I had started developing a coating on my tongue, not sure why, age, diet, I don’t know. I bought a tongue scraper but just couldn’t remove the “gunk”. So I used the scraper more often and harder. Still the coating remained even though I was actually scraping off my taste buds and causing pain/damage. Then I found these brushes, along with the Tung gel. The brushes were super gentle – no more damaged taste buds – and yet the coating was gone. I do believe you have to use the gel with the brush as it helps to dissolve the coating, but together they left me with a clean, healthy tongue. Weird to say? Maybe, but it’s made all the difference!


Best tongue cleaner I’ve tried

I’ve bought a variety of tongue cleaners but this really does the job. I just use it with a bit of toothpaste. As a coffee drinker I tend to get that nasty yellow film on my tongue (yuck), but this makes my tongue all pretty, pink and clean. I will say if you overdo it, it can scratch up your tongue a bit, so just go for gentle strokes. It doesn’t have a flavour but since I use it will toothpaste it makes no difference to me. 10/10.


Become more kissable immediately!

This brush works superbly. TIP: I always run the brush under hot water before I use it in order to soften the bristles. If I don’t do this, the dry bristles can be a little bit tough, just like a firm toothbrush. Otherwise, it’s great, and I find that it’s more effective and comfortable than the rake-like tongue cleaners.
If you don’t use tongue cleaners, you’ll be shocked by how much gunk actually blankets your tongue. I noticed a huge positive difference the first time I used the brush years ago, and I haven’t looked back.


Better than expected

I suddenly needed a tongue brush badly and a good one!
I used this once received and wow, this stuff works! It is easy to use, pretty gentle, doesn’t case a gag reflex (if you are slow and careful),light to hold.. but most importantly, it removed 80-85% of the tongue build up in first use! I am confident that the results will be even better the more I use it! I haven’t tried any other tongue brush apart from the build in one from colgate 360 toothbrush, and the difference to that one is incredible!
Highly recommend! Very happy with the first result already!


Slow, medium pressure+ Criss cross

I cannot. And will not go a day without brushing my tounge with this brush… I’ve tried the scraper type and that orabrush (witch I gave a few tries in hopes of it really working out) but since the tongue has a natural in curve down the middle, it was almost impossible to get that area clean. And I am a germaphobe.. (I hear some germs are good, but one still need to sanitary. Ok people!) … I love my tongue to be pink and clean, without any white grime. And this brush delivers. I wish I was sponsored. Cus I love this brush… I’ve got my bf to use one too. He was skeptical at first, insisting that black people don’t have pink tongues.. boy! Did I prove him wrong.. the more you brush on a daily basis, the less grime build up you’ll get. It’s a beautiful think. 😉👉


Great product!

A lot of people don’t realize that a good portion of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue. That white film on the tongue is a film of bacteria and needs to be broken up by being brushed and these brushes are the best I’ve ever found. They’re very wide so they cover a large area of the tongue and I can get a good brush in before the gag reflex makes me pause.
A great follow up to brushing your tongue is to then use a tongue scraper to really make your tongue pink and clean again.

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