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Masha + Spiraliser


  • Australian engineered kitchen must have
  • Designed to mash the food and not blend
  • Makes the perfect mash potatoes guaranteed
  • Also great for Baby Food, Guacamole, Soups, Sauces + much more
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Now with bonus electric spiraliser attachment that makes vegetable spirals and ribbons in seconds


Perfect vegetable noodles and spirals in an instant

The box included

  •    Funnel
  •   Storage Bowl
  •   Noodle blade
  •   Ribbon blade
  •   Spiraliser drive

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Wow! Perfect Masher

I bought one for my daughter who has trouble with the normal potato mashers and it was so good I ordered another for myself. It’s very easy to use and clean up after. Creates a smooth delicious bowl of mash with barely any effort and in super fast time. Makes the perfect baby food. Wish I had known of them earlier.



Great product, easy to use and clean, does an amazing job quickly and effortlessly.


I highly reccomend this product

So easy and quick to use.Best mashed potato ever.I bought this to replace what was an all in 1 stick mixer that had a potato masher attachment,the whole thing blew up just past it’s warranty date. Actually I am so glad it did as it was a real pain in the a**e to clean, this one takes all of 30 seconds and is only 2 pieces that just click apart. If you want a potato masher, do yourself a favor and get one of these.


Wonderful job with mashed potato!


Effective kitchen tool

Great zoodle maker


Love it

Love this appliance. Makes making potato mash a breeze. Great to mash any cooked food.

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