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Australians throw away 3.6 Billion single use plastic bags every year. This is terrible for the environment as they end up in landfill or waterways. Now single use plastic bags are no longer available in almost all states in Australia, as well as Coles, Woolworths & IGA stores by 30th of June 2018.

* VIC will ban by the end of 2019 * NSW yet to make decision

White Magic Handy Cart is the world’s most lightweight, durable & compact shopping cart. The White Magic Handy Cart is a lightweight shopping cart which holds up to 50kg. It can be folds to only 10cm, weighs less than 2kg for regular size and weighs only 3kg for jumbo size which can be easy to store in the back of the car. The Handy Cart have large capacity can be use for groceries, laundry, picnic, sports gear, etc

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