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Bathroom Cleaning Bundle



Shower, Bath & Tile + Bonus Refill


Comes with bonus refill sponge (note the velcro on the bonus refills is only minorly sticky but can be use as head sponge for cleaning the household.)

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Shower Eraser Sponge

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Shower Eraser Sponge Refill

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Eco Cloth Bathroom

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Eco Cloth Bathroom Glove

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Stacked with our best-selling products that can clean every surface in your bathroom with only water. Soap scum and hard water stains do not stand a chance with our combination of eco eraser and eco cloth fibres. The eco eraser gets into the micro pores of any hard surface ie tile, glass, porcelain and removes stubborn grime with only water. Then once the surface is clean, you maintain it with the eco cloth products for a pristine clean.

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Eco Cloth Bathroom Glove


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