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Parker & Bailey Brass and Copper Polish cleans, polishes, and protects. It does an excellent job in removing tarnish from all brass and copper surfaces. Once tarnish is removed, our unique formula cleans and shines brass and copper while also protecting the metal from further corrosion. Our product cleans and polishes without scratching, and contains no harmful detergents or solvents making it safe and easy to use.

Introducing the Brass & Copper Polish by Parker & Bailey – the ultimate solution for cleaning, polishing, and protecting your brass and copper items. With its versatile application and powerful formula, this polish is the best tarnish remover and restorer for brass and copper.

  • BRASS & COPPER POLISH: Our polishing is specially formulated to clean, polish, shine, and protect brass and copper. It is the ultimate tarnish remover, effortlessly restoring the brilliance of your brass and copper items. Additionally, it can be applied to other metals as an anti-tarnishing agent, providing long-lasting protection for months.
  • VERSATILE: This polish is a true multi-purpose product. Use it as a polished brass cleaner and copper cleaner to revive a wide range of metal items, such as beds, lamps, rails, serving dishes, utensils, pots and pans, jewelry, antique decor, furniture, door knobs, faucets, instruments, and more. It’s perfect for brass and copper pieces you own.
  • TARNISH REMOVER: Say goodbye to tarnish spots, stains, and discolorations. Our unique formula not only removes existing tarnish but also cleans and shines the metal, acting as a protector against further corrosion. It works wonders on copper cookware and appliances in the kitchen, restoring their beauty and functionality.
  • METAL CLEANER AND POLISH: With our brass and copper polish, you can clean and polish your metal items without a scratch. Our formula is free of harmful detergents or solvent solutions, making it safe and easy to use for cleaning and restoration throughout your home. Trust in a product that delivers exceptional results without compromising the integrity of your precious metals.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Our brass and copper cleaner and polish offer hassle-free use. Simply pour a small amount of the polish onto a clean, dry cloth and apply it to the surface. Rub until a black residue appears on the cloth, indicating the removal of tarnish. Then, buff and wipe with a clean cloth to reveal a beautiful shine.

Experience the transformative power with its versatile application, tarnish-removing capabilities, metal-cleaning properties, and easy application, this polish is a must-have for every brass and copper owner. Trust in a product that not only cleans and polishes but also protects your valuable items. Reveal the natural beauty of your brass and copper with Parker & Bailey.

Suggested uses:
Use to polish and clean brass beds, lamps, railings, serving dishes, utensils, door knobs, and more.
Use to remove tarnish spots, stains, and discolorations from all brass and copper surfaces.
Apply to metal as an anti-tarnishing agent, protecting the surface from tarnishing for months.

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Brass & Copper Polish

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