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Buy Dish Drying Mat + Single Tea Towel, Get Washing Up Pad for FREE


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Introducing a comprehensive range of kitchen essentials by White Magic that elevate your everyday tasks with innovation, efficiency, and style. From dynamic dishwashing tools to absorbent drying solutions, these products are designed to enhance your kitchen experience and maintain a tidy and organized space.

The Double-Sided Washing Up Pad is a versatile gem that effortlessly handles the toughest cleaning challenges. Its dual-sided design combines scrubbing and wiping functionalities. The scrubbing side is gentle on delicate surfaces yet adept at tackling burnt-in messes, while the wiping side effectively removes loosened dirt without leaving any residue. The sponge centre creates suds, facilitating thorough cleaning. This pad’s washable and hygienic nature ensures it’s your ideal partner in combating grease and grime across glasses, plates, cutlery, and cookware.

Elevating your dish drying process is the Dish Drying Mat by White Magic. Crafted to absorb moisture from freshly washed dishes, this mat safeguard your countertops from water damage while promoting a clean and organised kitchen. Its efficient water absorption minimizes water drips, reducing the need for multiple dish towels. The mat’s quick-drying and anti-microbial properties contribute to a hygienic environment. Not just limited to dish drying, its versatility extends to serving as a heat-resistant trivet or cushioned surface for delicate items.

Enhancing your kitchen’s efficiency and aesthetics, the Tea Towel Single Pack by White Magic offers superior absorbency, ensuring a dry and spotless environment. Its multi-purpose design allows for wiping countertops, cleaning spills, and even using it as an oven mitt. The tea towel’s premium construction guarantees longevity, and its stylish design adds elegance to your kitchen decor. With quick-drying properties and lint-free features, it keeps your dishes and surfaces pristine. Its generous size and easy-care instructions make it an ideal gift for various occasions.

In conclusion, White Magic’s innovative kitchen solutions seamlessly blend functionality and style, elevating your daily kitchen routines. Embrace these tools to experience enhanced cleaning, efficient drying, and an organized kitchen space that’s both practical and visually appealing.