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Buy Eco Basics Toothbrush & Soap Dish Caddy Set-White, ONLY $39.88


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Introducing the Eco Basics Toothbrush Caddy, a harmonious blend of natural allure and contemporary utility. Crafted with precision from eco-conscious materials like Bamboo and Corn Resin, this toothbrush holder embodies style and sustainability for your bathroom.

Made from Bamboo and Corn Resin, it not only complements your bathroom decor with its natural elegance but also exemplifies our commitment to eco-responsibility. Its key features include the durability of Bamboo, reinforced by organic Corn Resin, a stylish design, easy cleaning, and versatile toothbrush accommodation for family use.

More than a mere holder, the Eco Basics Toothbrush Caddy signifies our dedication to a greener lifestyle without compromising style. Elevate your daily routine with this eco-friendly, stylish addition. Embrace sustainability with our Toothbrush Caddy made from Bamboo and Corn Resin, marrying practicality and elegance in your bathroom.

Explore our Eco Basics Soap Dish, another nature-inspired gem, crafted from Bamboo and Corn Resin, bringing a touch of nature to your bathroom.