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Introducing the i-hook Double Towel Rail 70cm – a versatile storage solution meticulously crafted for both bathrooms and kitchens. Fashioned from resilient 304 stainless steel, this towel rail marries functionality with refined aesthetics. Here’s why it stands out:

Versatile Towel Storage: The Double Towel Rail accommodates two large bath towels in the bathroom, or functions admirably as a holder for tea towels and hand towels in the kitchen. Its spacious design offers flexibility in storage.

Premium Stainless Steel: Fabricated from high-quality 304 stainless steel, renowned for its strength and resistance to rust, the Double Towel Rail preserves its allure and practicality, even in damp environments.

Substantial Capacity: The most striking attribute of this towel rail is its impressive 8kg load-bearing capacity. This robustness guarantees secure storage of towels and accessories, delivering both convenience and peace of mind.

Enhanced Functionality: The Double Towel Rail boasts not only towel hanging capabilities but also includes four convenient hooks, ideal for bath and kitchen accessories. This versatility makes it a multi-purpose addition to your home.

Elegant Design: Beyond its utilitarian prowess, the Double Towel Rail showcases a sleek, modern design. The stainless-steel finish effortlessly complements any bathroom or kitchen décor, blending practicality with elegance.

Effortless Installation: Installation is hassle-free with the i-hook system. No drills or screws are required – simply clean the surface, press, and hang. This safeguards your surfaces from potential damage.

The i-hook Double Towel Rail embodies a storage revolution. With its inventive design and enduring build, it provides an exceptional, stylish solution for managing towels and accessories.

Size: 70 cm x 8.5cm.

Elevate your organisation with the i-hook system. From keys to utensils, the i-hook Mini is a small yet robust hook that adheres to any smooth, sealed surface. This revolutionary hook seamlessly blends sleek design with efficient functionality. Experience its advantages:

Advanced Nano Suction Technology: The i-hook Mini features revolutionary nano suction material that guarantees a steadfast hold on any smooth, sealed surface. Whether it’s tile, polished timber, stainless steel, glass, melamine, or plastic, the stability is unmatched.

Endurance Against Elements: These i-hooks are crafted to withstand daily challenges – be it heat, water, sun, or cold. This resilience makes them versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Reusable and Relocatable: The i-hook Mini champions reusability, adapting to your evolving needs. If it gets dirty, washing it renews its maximum adhesion.
Perfect for Smaller Items: With a 2kg load capacity, the i-hook Mini is ideal for managing smaller items like kitchen utensils, keys, accessories, or small cables, offering a reliable storage solution.

Space Optimization: Efficiently exploit vertical space by utilizing the i-hook Mini, maintaining clutter-free countertops and drawers.

Easy Installation: Installing the i-hook Mini is effortless – no drills or screws required. Simply clean the surface, press, and hook, ensuring no damage to your surfaces.

Sleek Modern Design: The i-hook Mini effortlessly integrates into any decor style, adding practicality and aesthetics to your space.

The i-hook Mini provides a smart solution for efficient storage, transforming design into practical functionality. This compact, reusable, and durable hook offers a refined approach to effective organisation.

Size: 4.7cm x 4.7cm

Where to use: Tiles

  • Glass
  • Steel / Aluminum
  • Melamine
  • Plastic
  • Polished Timber

i-hook Mini RRP: $13.95

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i-hook Double Towel Rail 70cm

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 77.5 cm

i-hook mini

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Dimensions 17 × 12.5 × 2 cm