Compact Spray Mop Dry Pad Refill


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White Magic Compact Spray Mop Dry Pad Refill

Compatible with the Slender and stylish, White Magic Compact Spray Mop, The White Magic Compact Spray Mop Dry Pad Refill makes it a pleasure to clean your floors.

Using only water to clean, you can now make the choice to do away with harsh and abrasive chemical cleaners while saving money at the checkout and improving your environment. Take a look at the entire machine washable White Magic range of task specific cleaning cloths and adopt eco friendly practices, using White Magic whenever you clean.

·         Cuts Through Grease & Grime

·         Power Stripes

·         Dual Microfibre

·         Absorbs and Scrubs

·         Machine Washable at least 100 times

·         Powerful Chemical free cleaning

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