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Eco Basics Drawer Deodoriser


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The Eco Basics Drawer Deodoriser revolutionizes drawer and small space freshness with its eco-friendly design. At its core lies MOSO Bamboo-derived Bamboo Charcoal, renowned for superior absorption qualities. This natural deodoriser actively captures airborne moisture, odours, and bacteria, ensuring a fresh, clean storage environment for your items.

This 100% natural and reusable deodoriser champions sustainable living principles. The Bamboo Charcoal acts like a magnet, pulling in unwanted smells and humidity, which prevents mould and mildew damage. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain. Simply recharge the Bamboo Charcoal by placing the deodoriser in direct sunlight for a few hours each month. This process revitalizes its absorption capabilities for up to a year.

After its life cycle, you don’t just discard it. Instead, enrich your garden soil by sprinkling the deodoriser’s contents as a natural fertiliser, supporting plant growth. Perfect for drawers, wardrobes, and even small bathrooms or kitchen cabinets, the Eco Basics Drawer Deodoriser exemplifies simplicity and natural effectiveness.

By choosing this product, you opt for a healthier, sustainable way to combat moisture and odour. Welcome the Eco Basics Drawer Deodoriser into your home for a fresher, more inviting space. It’s a step towards freshness that embraces sustainability.

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