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Furniture Repair Kit


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Parker & Bailey Wood Furniture Repair Kit

These specially formulated color markers and filler sticks are designed for restoring the color and look to scratched and worn wood surfaces including: furniture, woodwork, mantles, doors, paneling, floors and more!! The markers and sticks are formulated for long lasting, colorfast results that dry to the touch in seconds.

Introducing our Furniture Repair Kit – the ultimate solution for addressing wood scratches and imperfections. With our Wood Stain Markers for Furniture, you can effortlessly fill scratch marks and restore the beauty of your wooden furniture and floors. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need for quick and easy touch-ups at home.

  • WOOD STAIN MARKERS: Parker & Bailey’s Touch-Up Markers for Wood are specially designed to gently and effectively fill scratch marks on furniture. They are also perfect for hardwood floor scratch repair, offering a versatile solution for various wood surfaces. These wood-tone markers effortlessly blend with most wood tones, ensuring seamless repairs.
  • EASY-TO-USE MARKERS: Our furniture markers function as a DIY furniture repair kit, enabling you to handle touch-ups with ease. The marker ink acts as a filler for deep scratches and cracks, seamlessly blending with the surrounding wood without causing any further damage. You can conveniently address imperfections at home without the need for professional assistance.
  • TOUCH-UP PAINT PEN: The furniture repair kit includes a set of 3 colored markers and 5 filler stick crayons, providing a wide range of options to match various color stains. Choose from a light or medium brown marker or a black furniture marker, ensuring compatibility with your furniture’s wood tone. This versatile pack can be used throughout your home for comprehensive touch-ups.
  • FURNITURE REPAIR MARKERS: Discover a frustration-free solution for scratches and dings on your wooden furniture. This high-quality marker kit is suitable for all types of wood furniture, including tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas, trims, and desks. Restore the original beauty of your furniture and maintain its impeccable appearance.
  • FLOOR MARKERS: Our premium marker set extends beyond wood furniture and can also be used as a hardwood floor scratch remover. These markers effectively work on various wood-like finishes, including bamboo flooring, LVP flooring, vinyl plank flooring, and more. Enjoy the versatility of this furniture repair kit for addressing floor imperfections as well.

Invest in our Furniture Repair Kit and say goodbye to the frustration of unsightly scratches and dings. With our Wood Stain Markers for Furniture, you can easily restore the flawless appearance of your wooden furniture and floors. Trust in a high-quality solution that offers convenience, versatility, and professional-grade results.

  • Gently fills scratch marks off any household furniture.
  • Can be used to touch-up hard wood floors.

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