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Gap Stash Car Seat Organiser: A Driver’s Essential

Keep your car tidy and organized with the Gap Stash Car Seat Organiser. Expertly designed, it slips between the seat and console, acting as a seat gap filler. Say goodbye to items falling through the crack! With multiple pockets and robust construction, this organiser becomes a must-have for every car owner.

Design and Features

  • 3-Pocket Front Seat Organizer: The Gap Stash fits perfectly between seats with 3cm to 6cm gaps. This design not only fills the gap but also ensures items like keys, coins, or phones stay put. So, you get secure and accessible storage right where you need it.
  • Versatile Inside Storage: Boasting two inner pockets, the organiser accommodates items ranging from masks and cords to sanitiser, tissues, and cell phones. By using these pockets, you ensure your cup holders remain clear and within easy reach.
  • Quick Access Fabric Pocket: An external fabric pocket comes in handy for storing quick-grab items like sunglasses or notepads. Always have your essentials within arm’s length.

Hassle-Free Installation

Slide the Gap Stash between the seat and console. No tools or complicated steps! Enjoy an organized car interior in seconds.

Built to Last

Constructed from heavy-duty polyester and faux leather, the Gap Stash promises durability. Its structured panels maintain shape, even when packed with your essentials.

In conclusion, the Gap Stash Car Seat Organiser stands out as the ideal choice for a tidy, clutter-free car interior. From its strategic pocket design to its robust build, it promises convenience and longevity. With this organiser, you can wave goodbye to misplaced items and welcome a seamlessly organized car space.

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