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Introducing the Kitchen Bench Scrap Bin: A Touch of Modernity for Waste Management

Unparalleled Motion Detection kitchen bin

Harnessing state-of-the-art motion detection, the Kitchen Bench Scrap Bin revolutionizes waste disposal. As soon as your hand nears, it opens. This seamless, touch-free operation not only boosts convenience but also champions hygiene. Whether you’re discarding kitchen scraps or disposing of beauty waste, it’s the perfect companion.

Adaptable Uses of kitchen bins

This isn’t just any kitchen bin. With a design optimized for kitchen benchtops, it’s the ideal place for food scraps. However, its versatility doesn’t stop there. Transitioning effortlessly to your bathroom benchtop, it’s equally apt for beauty waste. Its adaptable nature ensures this bin finds a home in every room.

Efficiency Meets Performance

Say goodbye to frequent battery changes. With just 2 AA batteries, the bin operates flawlessly through approximately 5000 open/close cycles. Efficient battery usage pairs with enduring performance to provide a hassle-free experience.

Touch-free Excellence

The highlight of this kitchen bin? Its motion sensor technology. No need to touch; simply approach, and it responds. The lid gently rises, allowing waste disposal without any contact. The days of messy, manual lid-opening are firmly in the past.

Noiseless Operation

After you’ve disposed of your waste, the kitchen bins’ lid descends with a soft close. Quiet and gentle, it ensures a peaceful environment remains undisturbed.

Robust Construction

Constructed from hard-wearing ABS plastic, it promises longevity. Daily use won’t wear it down. Its durable nature ensures it remains one of your most reliable kitchen bins for years.

Spacious and Convenient

Size does matter. With a generous 7L capacity, it stands ready to accommodate kitchen or beauty waste. The need for constant emptying diminishes, granting you longer intervals of uninterrupted usage. Plus, each bin arrives with 25 perfectly fitting compostable bin liners. This addition guarantees a mess-free waste disposal routine.


The Kitchen Bench Scrap Bin isn’t just a bin. It’s a testament to how technology and design can elevate even the simplest household items. Prioritizing hygiene, efficiency, and convenience, it’s more than just a modern addition to your space—it’s a necessity.

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