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Nostik Cake Tin Liner Round


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Nostik products are exclusively distributed by White Magic in Australia and New Zealand

Introducing the Cake Tin Liner, a convenient and practical accessory for baking enthusiasts. This liner is designed to simplify the process of removing cakes from baking tins, eliminating the need for butter or flour. With its easy-to-clean and reusable design, it’s a must-have addition to your baking tools. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Lift Your Cakes Easily Out of a Tin: TheTin Liner offers a hassle-free way to lift your cakes out of baking tins without any sticking or crumbling. It creates a non-stick surface that allows your cakes to effortlessly slide out, preserving their shape and presentation.
  • No Need to Use Butter or Flour: With the Tin Liner, there’s no need to grease your baking tins with butter or dust them with flour. The liner provides a non-stick barrier between the cake batter and the tin, ensuring easy release and preventing any residue from affecting the taste or appearance of your cakes.
  • Easy to Clean and Reusable: Cleaning up after baking is a breeze with the Cake Tin Liner. It can be easily washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher, saving you time and effort. Plus, the liner is reusable, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for multiple baking sessions.
  • Heat Resistant up to 260°C (500°F): The Cake Tin Liner is designed to withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of baking recipes. It is heat resistant up to 260°C (500°F), ensuring that it maintains its integrity and performance even in intense baking conditions.

The Cake Tin Liner is a game-changer for bakers, providing a simple and efficient solution for cake removal from tins. With its ability to lift cakes easily, elimination of the need for butter or flour, easy cleaning, reusability, and impressive heat resistance up to 260°C (500°F), this liner enhances your baking experience while ensuring excellent results every time.

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20cm, 23cm, 26cm

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