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The ultimate broom to sweep up Pet Hair on every floor type in the home. This broom works on carpet, to hard flooring and can be even used wet to scrub and wipe away wet messes.

Size : Brush 30 x 7cm / Broom 90cm to 150cm

How does it work?
On carpet the 500 Rubber Bristles dig deep into the carpet to build up an electrostatic charge that attracts and catches hair, dust and dirt.HARD FLOORS
On flat hard floors the 500 bristles compress to create an impenetrable wall that the finest dirt cannot get through our under.WET FLOORS
When wet the 500 rubber bristles scrub dirt, oil and grease while the squeegee removes water. The head can be removed and washed in warm soapy water.

How to use
(1) Ensure the broom head is in even contact with the carpet
(2) Use like a rake and sweep in short strokes towards youHARD FLOORS
(1) Ensure the broom head is in even contact with the floor
(2) Sweep in long strokes towards youWET FLOORS
(1) Apply a floor cleaning solution, if necessary
(2) Ensure the broom head is even contact with the floor
(3) Move backwards and forwards to scrub
(4) Use the squeegee to remove the excess water

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