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White Magic Professional Spin Mop Set


  • Designed for commercial use
  • Perfect for large area
  • Water Capacity 13.9L
  • Bucket dimension 60 x 36 x 30cm

Bulky Item Surcharge of $5 per unit.

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White Magic Professional Spin Mop Set

Introducing our Professional Spin Mop Set – the ultimate cleaning system for tackling dirt and grime on various floor surfaces. This set includes a high-quality spin mop and bucket, designed to make your cleaning tasks effortless and efficient with a range reach areas. The microfiber mop head effortlessly traps dirt and grime, leaving your floors spotless and sparkling. With its stainless steel construction, this spin mop set is built to last. The innovative spin action allows you to easily wring out excess water, ensuring drier floors and a more effective cleaning experience. The bucket system is designed to reach even the most hard-to-reach areas, providing a thorough clean throughout your space. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Professional Spin Mop Set and enjoy a hassle-free and effective way to maintain a clean and tidy environment, designed for commercial use. With its next-generation mopping technology and high-quality components, this set offers unmatched efficiency and performance for your cleaning needs.

  • NEXT GENERATION MOPPING TECHNOLOGY: Built with the latest advancements in mopping technology. Experience a revolutionary cleaning process that is faster, more efficient, and more effective than traditional mopping methods. Say goodbye to strenuous scrubbing and hello to effortless mopping.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMMERCIAL USE: This spin mop set is specifically designed to meet the demands of commercial cleaning. Whether you’re a professional cleaner or managing a commercial space, our Professional Spin Mop Set is the perfect solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in high-traffic areas.
  • EXPELS WATER FROM THE MOP AT 3000 RPM: The spin mechanism of our mop handle expels water from the mop head at an impressive 3000 rotations per minute. This centrifugal force removes excess water, ensuring that the mop head is perfectly damp for efficient cleaning. Achieve faster drying times and eliminate the hassle of wringing out the mop manually.
  • EASY HAND PRESS ACTION: Our Professional Spin Mop Set features an easy hand press action for effortless water expulsion. Simply place the mop head into the mop bucket, press the handle down with your hand, and watch as the excess water is quickly and efficiently removed. This intuitive design makes mopping a breeze.
  • POLYESTER MICROFIBRE MOP HEAD – 4 TIMES MORE ABSORBENT THAN COTTON: The mop heads included in our set are made of high-quality polyester microfibre. This material is known for its exceptional absorbency, capable of absorbing up to 4 times more liquid than cotton. Experience superior cleaning power and achieve sparkling clean floors with ease.
  • 1 BUCKET + 1 HANDLE + 2 MICROFIBRE MOP HEADS: Our Professional Spin Mop Set includes everything you need to get started. It comes with 1 mop bucket, 1 handle, and 2 microfibre mop heads. The extra mop heads ensure that you always have a backup ready for your cleaning tasks. Enjoy long-lasting durability and convenience.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with our Professional Spin Mop Set. Experience next-generation mopping technology designed for commercial use. With its water expulsion at 3000 rpm, easy hand press action, and highly absorbent polyester microfibre mop heads, this set offers unmatched performance and efficiency.

Item Dimensions Approximately:
Bucket: 60x37x31cm
Trolley: 72x36x86cm
Mop head Diameter: 48cm

Additional information

Weight 7.06 kg
Dimensions 37 × 42 × 60 cm

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