Smart Bin 50 L


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Our Smart Bin makes dealing with rubbish easier and hygienic. Simply tap with your foot and drop the rubbish in. No need to press, wave or lift the lid open.

  • The World’s First Toe Tap Bin is here
  • Simply Toe Tap, Drop Rubbish and Walk Away
  • Foot Pedal bins are hard to operate for older people or those with balance issues
  • Hand Sensor bins do not work if you have 2 handfuls of rubbish and no way to activate the sensor
  • Everyone can toe tap
  • Automatic 5 second Soft Close function means you never have to touch the lid
  • 1 set of 3D batteries per year is all you need (10,000 x open/close)
  • Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel completes the stylish look
  • Welcome to the next generation of Rubbish Bin Technology
  • Bin Liners Included

Size: 35cm × 38cm × 65cm