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Revolutionizing Cooking with the Stackable Crisper Tray

Exclusively distributed by White Magic in Australia and New Zealand, the Stackable Crisper Tray is a masterstroke in kitchen innovation. Dive in to explore its many features and benefits.

Swift Cooking with the Stackable Crisper Tray

Thanks to the tray’s elevated design, cooking is now faster and more efficient. The uniform circulation of hot air ensures your dishes are crispy every time.

Utilizing Oven Space: Stackable Design

The Stackable Crisper Tray is perfect for those extensive cooking sessions. Maximize your oven space by stacking multiple trays, allowing simultaneous preparation of diverse dishes.

Adaptable Placement for the Tray

Fit this versatile tray at the oven’s base, on a closed oven tray, or within its sliders. It’s all about your convenience and cooking requirements.

Healthy Cooking, the Stackable Way

Eliminate the need for excess oil or butter. With its non-stick surface, the Crisper Basket ensures your meals are both delicious and health-conscious.

Versatility of the Tray

From sizzling meats to crispy veggies, this tray is your go-to cooking companion. It promises culinary versatility, whatever be the dish.

Maintenance: Easy and Eco-friendly with theTray

Cleaning is a breeze with this dishwasher-safe tray. What’s more, its reusability underlines the importance of a sustainable kitchen.

Enduring Performance of theTray

Engineered for excellence, this tray can bear temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). It promises consistent, top-notch performance every time.

In Conclusion

The Stackable Crisper Tray, distributed by White Magic, is the future of efficient and versatile cooking. Upgrade your kitchen experience today.


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