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Ult MF Super Dry 18″ Head w/Keyhole Top


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  • Launderable Microfibre: The White Magic Ult-MF Super Dry 18″ Head is designed with a launderable microfibre material. This not only makes the mop head highly durable and long-lasting, but also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Effective Cleaning: The premium microfibre material of the mop head provides superior cleaning results. It effectively picks up dust, dirt, and grime, making your cleaning tasks effortless and efficient.
  • Easily Fits the SYR Snapper Flat Mop: This mop head is designed to fit the SYR Snapper Flat Mop with ease. It offers a hassle-free attachment and detachment process, simplifying your cleaning tasks.
  • Wide Coverage: With an 18″ wide design, this mop head covers a large surface area, enabling you to clean your floors quickly and efficiently.
  • Versatile Application: The Ult-MF Dry 18″ Head is suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces. From hardwood and laminate to tiles and linoleum, it handles all floor types with ease.
  • Keyhole Top Design: The keyhole top design ensures the mop head stays securely attached to your mop handle during use, while also allowing for quick and easy removal when it’s time to launder or replace the head.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: By choosing a launderable mop head, you’re opting for a more sustainable cleaning solution. The ability to wash and reuse the mop head reduces waste and is more eco-friendly.
  • High-Quality Construction: Built with high-quality materials and superior workmanship, the Ult-MF Dry 18″ Head is designed to withstand frequent use and provide consistent cleaning performance.

The White Magic Head is a durable and effective cleaning tool. It’s compatible with the SYR Snapper Flat Mop, offers wide coverage for efficient cleaning, and can be easily laundered for repeated use. Its versatile application makes it suitable for cleaning various types of floors.

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