Vigar 2 Pc Replacement Toilet Brush Head


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Vigar products are exclusively distributed by White Magic in Australia and New Zealand

Introducing the Vigar 2-Pc Replacement Toilet Brush Head! Keep your toilet cleaning game strong with these high-quality replacement brush heads from Vigar. Designed to fit Vigar toilet brush handles, these brush heads ensure effective cleaning while maintaining hygiene and durability.

Crafted with sturdy bristles, the Vigar replacement brush heads provide thorough and efficient cleaning, tackling tough stains and maintaining a sparkling clean toilet bowl. The bristles are gentle yet tough enough to remove grime without scratching the surface.

The innovative design of these replacement brush heads allows for easy attachment and detachment from the Vigar toilet brush handle. Simply twist and lock them securely into place, ensuring a snug fit and worry-free cleaning.

Made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, these replacement brush heads are built to last. They resist wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance for your toilet cleaning needs. With proper care and maintenance, they will provide reliable service for an extended period.

Maintain a clean and fresh bathroom with the Vigar 2-Pc Replacement Toilet Brush Head. Get ready to tackle any toilet cleaning task with ease and confidence. Upgrade your toilet brush today!

  • 2 pcs. set of spare toilet brushes for Florganic, Cactus and Flower Power toilet Set.
  • With nylon fibers for efficient and effortless cleaning.

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