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Introducing the White Magic Kitchen Microfibre Eco Cloth, Australia’s unrivaled No.1 kitchen microfibre cloth. Prepare to be amazed by its extraordinary cleaning power and innovative features that elevate your kitchen cleaning experience to new heights.
At the heart of this exceptional cloth lies a premium blend of Korean microfibre—a superior material that surpasses its cheaper Chinese counterparts in strength, absorbency, and dirt pick-up capabilities. But that’s not all. We take it a step further by incorporating a unique blend of charcoal yarn, an ingenious addition that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Say goodbye to cloth odour and the risk of contamination in your food preparation areas.
Here’s what makes our Kitchen Microfibre Eco Cloth truly extraordinary:
🌿 Cleans with just water: Bid farewell to harmful chemicals. Our cloth harnesses the power of water alone to deliver a thorough and effective clean, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for your kitchen.
🌿 Made with Charcoal Yarn: Our cloth is infused with specially crafted Charcoal Yarn, designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce unpleasant odours. Experience the peace of mind that comes from maintaining a hygienic and fresh kitchen environment.
🌿 Picks up 99.9% of Bacteria: We’ve put our cloth to the test, and it passed with flying colours. Independently tested by Silliker Australia, it has proven its ability to pick up an astounding 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring a clean and healthy kitchen space.
🌿 Long-lasting durability: We believe in providing you with a cloth that will stand the test of time. Our Kitchen Microfibre Eco Cloth can be machine washed up to 500 times, maintaining its exceptional performance and saving you money in the long run.
🌿 Faster and more efficient cleaning: Experience the joy of effortless cleaning. Our cloth’s advanced microfibre technology allows for swift and efficient dirt removal, cutting down your cleaning time and leaving your surfaces sparkling.
🌿 Stylish grey colour: We understand the importance of aesthetics. Our cloth comes in a sleek grey colour, perfectly complementing the decor of any kitchen, adding a touch of elegance to your cleaning routine.
Size: 32 x 32cm
How to use:
1️⃣ Use the cloth dampened with water. 2️⃣ Fold it into quarters for maximum cleaning efficiency. 3️⃣ Wipe over surfaces in a circular motion to effortlessly remove dirt and grime.
Where to use:
✅ Benchtops ✅ Kitchen tables ✅ Cooktops ✅ Sinks
Discover the magic of the White Magic Kitchen Microfibre Eco Cloth and revolutionize the way you clean your kitchen. With its unrivaled performance and innovative features, it’s time to elevate your cleaning routine to a whole new level of excellence.